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  Text 1 答案

  21. D offered greater relaxation than the workplace

  22. B childless husbands

  23. A they are both bread winners and housewives

  24. C earnings

  25. B division of labor at home is seldom clear-cut

  Text2 答案

  26. C miss its original purpose

  27. A the problem is solvable

  28. C are in need offinancial support

  29. D are inexperienced in handling issues at college

  30. D colleges are partly responsible for the problem in question

  Text3 答案

  31. A more emotional

  32. C sports culture

  33.D strengthen employee loyalty

  34.A voices for working women

  35. C companies find it to be fundamental


  36. B the increase of voluntary part-time jobs

  37. C cannot get their hands on full-time jobs

  38. B shows a general tendency of decline

  39. B empolyment is no longer a precondition to get insureance



  41 .D Most of your fearsare unreal

  42. E Think about the [resent moment

  43.G There are many things to be grateful for

  44.A You are not alone

  45. C Pave your own unique path
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