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  21.D ended his reign in embarrassment.

  22. C owing to the undoubted and respectable status

  23. A the role of the nobility in modern democracy

  24. B fails to change his lifestyle as advised.

  25. D Carlos, a lesson for all Monarchies

  26. C check suspect's phone contents without being authorized.

  27.A disapproval

  28.A getting into one's residence

  29. C citizens' privacy is not effectively protected

  30.B new technology requires reinterpretation of the constitution

  31.B journals are strengthening their statistical checks

  32.B marked

  33. D set an example for other journals

  34. C has room for further improvement

  35.A science joins Push to screen statistics in papers

  36. D the consequences of the current sorting mechanism

  37. A more journalists may be found guilty of phone hacking

  38. C was hardly convincing

  39. B generally distorted values

  40. D moral awareness matters in editing a newspaper
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