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  51. Directions:


  you are going to hold a club reading session。 Write an email of about 100 words recommending a book to the club members。


CPCP彩票  You should state reasons for your recommendation.


  You should write neatly on the ANWSER SHEET. Do not sign you own name at the end of the letter, use “Li Ming ” instead. Do not write the address .(10 points) 






CPCP彩票  Dear friends,


  I am writing to tell you about a fantastic book I have just read, as we always share the same taste of books.


  The book is called Journey to the West, which tells us a story that four monks conquered multiple handicaps to achieve their final destination。 Besides the touching and thrilling plot, the book also features humorous languages, thanks to the talented author。


  So I recommend it to all of you as one of the favorite books that I have ever read. I am sure you will love it as much as I do. I am looking forward to discussing more with you after you read it.


  Yours sincerely,


  • Li Ming





  Dear club members,


  As the next reading session is scheduled tobelauched in two days, it’s a great honor for me to take the opportunity to present you a book worth reading—The Wealth of Nationsby Adam Smith。


CPCP彩票  Through reflection over economics at the beginning of Industrial Revolution, the writer has elaborated on the fundamental principles of capitalism at work with insightful conceptions and eloquent speeaches。 Besides, the book has stood the test of time by repeatd quotations and critical reviews from following researchers, exerting profound influences on anyone engaged in the field of capitalist market。


  I believe reading such a classical book from an authoritative writer will produce a life-enriching and thought-provoking effect for all club members.


  Yours sincerely,


  Li Ming

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